I look forward to my sessions with Renee. She is always positive and full of encouragement. She does two things exceptionally well that many other trainers don’t do at all.

1) She quickly figures out your mental and emotional state so she can provide appropriate challenges to keep you interested and progressing.

2) She identifies the small, frequently overlooked muscles that need extra attention and then develops simple, creative ways of activating those muscles.

In a short time, she has helped me improve my posture, conditioning and overall health. Working with Renee is an uplifting experience!

Jerry P.
I feel like the advice Renee gave me on my energy level, adding movement to my days and using essential oils has been very helpful. She even gave me tips to help me fall asleep better. Through food journaling and nutrition coaching, she helped me see I needed more lean protein in my diet. Since I started working with Renee, I went from sedentary to active. I have been swimming three times a week. This wonderful! I’m starting to regain some strength and endurance in the water again. I have been strength training twice a week and practicing yoga about once a week. I am feeling better and her tips on mental self-talk have helped my workouts.”
Lisa S.
At first I didn’t recognize all the ways Renee could help me. I started seeing her regularly to get some last minute wedding prep in. Through our visits, I realized she brings a lot of value to my health. There are several things like I’ve always given excuses for not exercising because of an issue with my wrist but Renee finds creative ways to work around that. In addition, she’s able to direct me to have concise but effective workouts that strengthen me but don’t cause me to “overdo it.” As our family grows, I love having a professional that will answer my questions or do the needed research in order to answer questions. I love the accountability to make me develop a routine. She pushes me but doesn’t overwhelm and I think that’s essential when dealing with a “non-exerciser” like me!
Sara H.