Nancy, a Group-Plus-Coach Program client (Annual Membership)

When I moved to the condo complex and realized at the fitness center there’s a lot of pieces of equipment that I had no idea how to use. REAL Wellness Coaching has really supported me with consistent workouts through training both mentally and physically to reach my goals.

There’s tremendous advantage with virtual classes. No prep time in the privacy of your own home. It doesn’t matter what the weather is! You can be there and ready. I love it! I’m most proud of the strength and balance that I have achieved – a noticeable improvement in both – and I’ve lost some weight!

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Dr. John, a Group-Plus-Coach client (Monthly Membership)

Renee is my coach at Real Wellness Coaching. She’s been working with me all of 2020. Initially, we worked out at the gym (in our condo complex) but, of course, we had to go to an online program once the gym closed due to the virus problem.

She’s become quite a friend. I have no problems recommending REAL Wellness Coaching to anyone who’s looking for someone to coach them particularly in these difficult times where we can’t get to the gym so easily. Training online with Renee has really helped me.

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