Personal Training

What’s the skinny on personal training? Most local clients opt for meeting in my personal training studio located in the Castleton area of northeast Indianapolis either one-on-one, as couples or in a small group. Sessions are typically an hour or less. Frequency depends on schedules and the needs of clients but weekly is most common. My clients tell me they appreciate my ability to design workouts and programs that progress them safely and effectively.

Wellness Coaching

Who is by your side? Clients who choose wellness coaching see the value in getting help with their most daunting wellness challenges. I support my clients through that process by unraveling the real struggles and creating a plan. Sessions are weekly or monthly phone calls and/or in person. An initial consultation is required to assess where we go from here. Wellness coaching often includes nutrition coaching and overall program design.

Nutrition Coaching

As a certified nutrition coach with Precision Nutrition, I guide my clients through effective, comprehensive nutrition based on real food for real people. My demo kitchen in Indianapolis, Indiana is available by appointment for healthy eating sessions. Exercise without proper nutrition still brings results but exercise with proper nutrition is far more effective and life-giving.